Our new Affiliate Zone offers the perfect opportunity for trading industry affiliates to network, build new contacts and find advertisers and traffic sources, all at one of the largest events for members of the financial services community. 

There’s no better way to learn about upcoming trends than by getting together with like-minded professionals while sharing experiences and strategies. Take advantage of this unique chance to boost your bottom line and build relationships with top decision makers in FX and crypto.

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Here are just a few of the benefits available to brokers that join our Affiliate Zone:

Introductions to leading affiliates Introductions to leading affiliates
Extended online exposure Extended online exposure
VIP Passes VIP Passes

Debunking Myths in Affiliate Marketing (15:15-16:00)

people in speaker hall
  • Introductions to traffic sources across the online trading world
  • Extended offline and online exposure amid leading affiliates
  • Exclusive networking opportunities at the dedicated Affiliate Zone

people on affiliate floor

And there’s more! The main Speaker Hall will host an upbeat discussion, revealing both insight and down to earth tips for successful cooperation between brokers and affiliate marketers!

As volatility remains flat and regulations become increasingly stringent, brokers are more dependent than ever on successful relationships their affiliate marketers. Join experts from across the funnel to get a glimpse into the toughest questions and the keys to success.

  • How can technology improve mutual trust between brokers and affiliates?
  • Are affiliates prepared for evolving regulations across various jurisdictions?
  • Which marketing trends will drive better results in 2019?