February 21-23, 2017 Hong Kong


February 21-23, 2017


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre


2,500+ Attendees & Over 75 Exhibitors


30+ Industry Professional Speakers

About the iFX EXPO Asia 2017

This year in bustling Hong Kong we celebrate our 10th expo! With 80+ exhibitors and sponsors and more than 2500 expected attendees this year, we will be introducing some new features to the show floor tailored to meet the needs and requests of our exhibitors and attendees. It will be an event not easily forgotten!

- Over 2,500 Attendees
- 300% growth in attendees since inception
- Top business networking opportunities
- Industry experts with key insights


The finance industry is extremely fast paced. From massive market movements that shake the floors, regulatory updates, news and changes to shifts and developments in technology - our sessions cover it all. Two days packed with keynotes, panels and workshops with the goal of sharing knowledge and know-how.

19:00-21:00 • Location: Frites Belgium on Tap, Wan Chai

iFX EXPO Welcome Party & Badge Pick Up

As an iFX EXPO tradition, we will be opening the doors to the 3-day show at our Welcome Party. Taking you back to one of our favourite spots in Hong Kong for beers and tasty bites on us – Frites Belgium on Tap. Don’t miss the first opportunity to meet with the industry! Please Note: • No on-spot registrations will be done at the Welcome Party so please ensure to register   online in advance. • You will NOT need your badge to access the Welcome Party but we recommend to pick it up then in order to save you time on Expo Day 1.




Opening of EXPO doors with special ceremony

10:30-11:00 • WORKSHOP

Securitization: A Transformation Journey

The speaker will be Mr Jonathan Taylor, CEO of McQua Capital.

10:45 - 11:30 • PANEL

Technology of FX and Beyond

What are the hottest trends in today’s trading arena when it comes to technology? Does the Asian market have its own needs and what solutions can Western hubs offer? Top decision makers of the industry’s leading tech providers will discuss and present their takes on this ever relevant topic.

Itai Damti, Maor Lahav, Andrew Ralich, Paul G Smith, Kurt vom Scheidt, Nir Yaffe, Stanislav Efremov

11:00 - 11:30 • WORKSHOP

How to weather the storm of recent changes in Visa and EU banking and PSP requirements.

The recently imposed demands from European based acquiring banks and PSPs hit the industry like a tsunami, making it more difficult for Brokers to exist under traditional company structures that have been so commonly relied on until now. The way for a broker to approach and utilize payment solutions is not as comfortable as it used to be. This workshop is a must-attend for the best and most realistic practices to overcome the difficulties faced with payment solutions in today’s market.

Avner (Abe) Ziv

11:30 - 12:30 • WORKSHOP

MetaTrader 5 Latest Development and Updates

We will showcase our MetaTrader 5 functions and features. This will be highly beneficial to brokers looking to deploy our MT5 and explore how our MT5 can be used in expanding and diversifying their business operations. This workshop will be conducted in Chinese. We welcome everyone to participate in this workshop.

Dean Wu

11:45 - 12:30 • PANEL

Marketing In China – The Secrets Exposed

How can brokers thrive beyond the Great Wall? In what ways do local players differ from international brands and what is driving up performance in Asian markets? Some of the trading industry’s top marketing experts will shed light on this interesting subject, and give practical tools.

Natalia Hunik, Rosiva Merrylin, Morten Fillipsen, Ryan Liew, Thomas Glucksmann

12:30 - 13:30


13:00-13:30 • WORKSHOP

Wechat trading is very convinent new trading platform, which enable the broker to quickly

Wechat trading is very convinent new trading platform, which enable the broker to quickly develop the market.

David Ding

13:30 - 14:30 • WORKSHOP

Establish a data-driven brokerage growth system

Each foreign exchange broker faces three difficult problems in business growth Firstly, the cost to acquire a customer keeps increasing with fierce competition online and offline. How to acquire customer resources at a lower cost? Secondly, is the brokers marketing and sales system enough to support a high customer resource transformation ratio? Thirdly, there is generally a high loss ratio of customers in the foreign exchange industry. How to retain customers through differentiated services? LEAN WORK is a financial hi-tech company committed to providing CRM system for the foreign exchange industry and it is currently developing the new-generation data-driven CRM solution.

Eric Liu

14:00 - 14:45 • PANEL

Leading CEOs Share What Can Make or Break your Business in Asia

The industry’s top executives discuss the most pressing challenges on their tables with regards to the Asian markets. A must for local and international industry participants alike, this bird’s eye view perspective will provide tips, insight and telling anecdotes that nobody interested in the Chinese market should miss.

Draco Ng, Mario Singh, Tom Higgins, Yoni Assia, Christian Frahm, Kobi Gur

14:30 - 15:00 • WORKSHOP

Providing support to Affiliate programmes and creating remote Call Centres.

This speaker presents partnership programmes of Larson&Holz, a broker that has shown significant success on financial markets of Asia, Western Europe, Africa and Latin America. This talk will introduce you to cooperating with a Forex broker -- how to build a franchising company, how to set up remote call centres or become the company’s online representative. We  will give some details on  feature-packed Backoffice; online report system; CRM system for client stream record; various types of deposit and withdrawal for any region; offshore regulation advantages.

Olga Slissenko

15:00 - 15:30 • WORKSHOP

The Art and Science of Building a Successful IB Business in China

In this seminar, we will look into the art and Science of building a strong IB network for Forex business sustainability. We will reveal some of the strategies that firms can consider and adopt when they are building their IB Business in China.

Sam Goh

15:00 - 16:00 • KEYNOTE


Bobby Lee

15:30 - 16:00 • WORKSHOP

Technology-driven Prime Brokerage services

Mid-sized funds, money managers, prop funds and retail brokers have seen their access to liquidity withdrawn by traditional prime brokers, while fees have gone up. Why has this happened? What alternatives are available today for FX market access? Join Lucian to discuss how a technology driven FX Prime Brokerage solution can combine co-located connectivity, credit intermediation and liquidity optimization services.  

Lucian Lauerman

16:00 - 16:30 • WORKSHOP

Why IB’s are better off with ECN brokers

In a highly competitive industry where market-leading trading conditions play the ultimate role for Introducing Brokers’ success, brokerage firms need to adapt by providing them with superior solutions, growing transparency and brand recognition. In this exclusive workshop, Tickmill’s CEO Duncan Anderson, will discuss how ECN brokers can offer attractive commissions to Introducing Brokers, without sacrificing the beneficial trading conditions their introduced clients enjoy. The expert will also analyse why transparency and ECN execution technology can greatly affect the rewards earned by an IB, while allowing them to offer easy-to- promote trading conditions to their clients. Case studies will be examined to demonstrate how an ECN broker can deliver a profitable and efficient IB system to cement solid partnerships.

Duncan Anderson

16:10-16:55 • PANEL

Challenges and Opportunities for International brokers in China ( Chinese )

Our first-ever panel in Chinese will invite some of China’s leading brokers and IBs to share their input on the market and the industry, as well as providing their perspective on the perils and potential of expansion into non-Chinese markets.

Jake Zhi, Danny Chen, Jasper Lee, Melody Gao, Micket Xu, Tai Jiang

16:30 - 17:00 • WORKSHOP

Entering and succeeding in the Asian Market

The investing and trading market in Asia is booming, everyone wants to enter, but not everyone entering is succeeding. Leverate experts share their secret of how to enter and succeed in the Asian Market by overcoming technological and cultural barriers.

Nicc Lewis, Andy Zhang


Closing of EXPO Doors

21:00 - Late • Location: Ophelia Club, Wan Chai

Official Night Party – A Night To Be Remembered

The official night party is moving to a new hot spot in Hong Kong! We invite you to escape into the exotic after the first busy business day. This is the time for you to continue networking away from the Expo Halls over a couple of drinks, music and fun! Please Note: Access to Badge and Invitation Holders Only




Opening of EXPO Doors

10:45 - 11:30 • PANEL

The Value of Regulation in an Unregulated Market

Obtaining a trading license in Asia serves a host of goals for both local and international brokers. Experts will provide down-to-earth insight into the current state of affairs in mainland China, and will weigh in on the right timing, the right price and the right jurisdiction for various retail FX players in Asia.

Eugenio Accongiagioco, Simon Stephen, Quinn Perrott

11:00 - 11:30 • WORKSHOP

MT4 and Spotoption on one trading platform

Spotoption is proud to present the new and innovative trading platforms: 1. Breakthrough standalone CFD platform. 2. The best UX platform provider for binary options dir ectly from MT4.

Nir Yaffe

11:30 - 12:00 • WORKSHOP


An introduction about gold with problems and solutions in the market. Join us to discover how blockchain technology was implemented in our project. We will share what DinarDirham can do for you? What we see in the future about this solution. 

Arai Ezzra

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 13:30 • WORKSHOP

How the internet and affiliation systems revolutionised the diamond industry

The diamond trading industry has recently witnessed a shift in its global business model. With the internet being a primary tool for many businesses, affiliates and diamond operators have driven this lucrative industry to a  global digital stage.

Cameron Kim

13:00 - 13:45 • PANEL

Making Sense of the Chinese Market Structure

The Chinese market remains an attractive goal for retail brokers, but how well do you know its ecosystem? Our panel discussion will survey the various financial services on offer, and will allow a glimpse of the hottest assets and market trends that matter the most for Chinese retail investors.

Jack C. Liu, Arai Ezzra

13:30 - 14:00 • WORKSHOP

What exactly is Prime of Prime (PoP) and how can you become one?

The FX industry has seen many new names enter the Prime of Prime sector. However, they may or maynot perform the actual PoP services. During the workshop, we will be sharing:  The ways to verify if you are working with a real PoP and the available solutions on the market that can enable as a bank or brokerage to become a Prime of Prime.

Natalia Hunik

14:00 - 14:30 • WORKSHOP

Proven Ways FX Brokers Can Master FX connectivity in China

Many brokers don’t view platform connectivity as their main priority thus putting themselves at an instant competitive disadvantage. Connections in China can be blocked and/or are frequently intermittent and unreliable, resulting in serious frustration and concern for active traders. During the workshop, we will be reviewing the most common ways in that FX brokerages are currently navigating around the issues with online connectivity in China and offer you the available solutions.

Jake Zhi

14:00 - 14:45 • KEYNOTE

Risk Management and Portfolio Optimization for Chinese Investors

An introduction to the art and science of trading for retail investors including what FX pairs to trade, how to use FX as a proxy for different asset classes and understanding the reality of the trading world.

Phan Vee Leung, Leng Hoe Lon

14:30 - 15:00 • WORKSHOP

FX Markets during a Trump Presidency

A Trump administration will have a profound effect on G10 and EM currencies. Shifts in the US policy will drive short-term volatility and redefine long-term investment themes. In this seminar, Peter Rosenstreich, Head of Markets Strategy, will breakdown President Trumps key policy platforms and expected influence on global foreign exchange markets

Peter Rosenstreich

15:00 - 15:30 • WORKSHOP

Technological solutions helping to expand brokerage in Asia

During the workshop, Albina Zhdanova will explain how a broker can automate processes of acquiring clients with the help of technological solutions and present the new service packages offer by T4B that helps to maintain brokerage business and improve its performance without any technical hassle. As well as demonstrate an ultimate social trading solution extremely popular in Asia. You will know the secrets of getting more clients without spending all the budget on marketing.

Albina Zhdanova

15:30 - 16:00 • WORKSHOP

Bullion Trading Implementation

Technology driven Bullion (Physical) Trading. Beyond regular FX trading, NBH will showcase the ideal ways of online Bullion set-up and how Bullion Trading is the new trend in the industry.

Eyad Al-haj Hammad


Closing of Expo Doors


We are pleased to welcome to our stage some of the best speakers in the industry. Benefit from years of experience by scheduling to attend our sessions and workshops and walk away with key learnings.


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